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Attribution Pro

Attribution Pro is a toolset that brands, agencies and media sellers can use to create, track, optimize and analyze cross-platform attribution campaigns, either in-house or as part of a managed service.

Our approach to attribution differs from others in the market. We do not offer an off-the-shelf product. We have a reference approach that customers can immediately use to start creating and measuring campaigns. But most customers have additional or specific needs and requirements about how campaigns should be set up or reported on, so we will adapt our technical and reporting needs to fit these requirements. We don’t try to fit square pegs in round holes. We offer a best-of-both worlds between the flexibility of building a tool in house, and the ease and simplicity of using something off-the-shelf.

Components of Attribution Pro

Data Sources Diagram

Data Sources

Any attribution campaign requires reliable data to define the target groups and outcomes we want to measure, and the media and ads that we use to define the campaign we are tracking. Deductive has relationships with dozens of data providers that we can bring to create specific and granular target groups. We have a best-in-breed approach to target and outcome creation and we can advise customers on which providers are the best fit for their specific use case. Alternatively, customers can bring their own target, outcome and media data and relationships.

We have expertise in using MVPD and ACR data to define TV, including connected TV campaigns. The Deductive pixel is widely deployed across hundreds of publishers that we use to define digital campaigns, and we have relationships with multiple DSPs to onboard CTV and OTT ads data.

Attribution Engine

Our attribution engine is the model that brings all of the data together to define who in the target audience was exposed to the campaign, who converted, and which platform was most effective at driving conversion. This includes our matching engine, where we use a combination of probabilistic and deterministic matching technologies to bring all of the data sources together to define a cross platform view.

Shapley Values

It also includes our unique source contribution multi touch attribution methodology. While most attribution providers are using single touch conversion rates, we take a more holistic approach, looking at how different parts of the media buy perform in combination - not in isolation. We use this to provide a deduplicated view of which platforms drove outcomes, and which did not, layering costs on top to show advertisers where they are getting the most bang for their buck.

Making it Representative

At this stage we also apply the weights we use to make our TV data nationally representative. All big TV datasets have skews in them. We apply weights at the demographic and geographic level and also make adjustments for numbers of TVs in the household, and how the TVs are used, to ensure that the results we present are as close to nationally representative as we can make them


We offer a web-based self-serve tool that customers use to easily set up and track campaigns, updated on a daily basis. We offer a number of options for mid- or final-campaign reporting (Excel, PowerPoint, Tableau/BI reporting tool, etc.).

We offer dozens of views out of the box (reach/frequency analysis; platform breakdown; creative breakdown, etc.) and we can design and customize reporting requirements that integrate with how the business uses and sees data.

We know that the value of a campaign report is greatest immediately after a campaign is completed, so we look to turn reporting around in weeks after the campaign rather than months. As a professional services company we can also take a more consultative approach to campaign reporting by helping the customer to interpret the data and use it to optimize future activity.

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