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Deductive Attribution evaluates an ad campaign’s success in reaching target audiences with specific creative efforts to drive measurable results. Deductive’s attribution solution features market leading data science using combinatorial analysis to quantify which ad investments contribute most to campaign results.

Our approach is based on Targets, Audiences and Outcomes.


Targets are target audiences that have been used to build a campaign. Examples might include (i) heavy viewers of a designated TV show or network, (ii) frequent visitors to a quick serve restaurant, (iii) households that have recently moved, or (iv) people that have recently searched for a new pickup truck. Data driven TV ad campaigns are built by matching a list of people or households that the marketer wants to target with networks, shows, apps and websites that are likely to reach the audience with an ad.


Audiences are specific households that have viewed an ad in the campaign. We measure ad views on Linear TV, Addressable TV, CTV, and Smart TV-connected OTT using Smart TV data – most commonly from Inscape – though we are data agnostic and are happy to work with any granular TV viewing data set. We measure digital video ad views and digital display ads using the Deductive Pixel, which has been very deeply certified, as well as ad view log matches where required.


Outcomes are campaign conversions. For a TV tune-in campaign, an outcome is an observation that the show was displayed in the home. For a quick serve restaurant, the outcome may be product purchase data or location data describing a store visit.

Note that anonymized data is used in all cases.

Deductive Attribution analytics evaluate a campaign’s success in reaching the target audience and driving the desired outcome.

Business Model

Deductive Attribution is available as a managed service, a self-serve with a managed back end, or as an insource implementation of our code that you operate. In all cases, we provide expert support ranging from insights and analysis based on the findings to data sourcing, data quality reporting and overall program strategy.

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Deductive is a global consulting firm providing data consulting and engineering services to companies that want to build and implement strategies to put data to work. We work with primary data generators, businesses harvesting their own internal data, data-centric service providers, data brokers, agencies, media buyers and media sellers.

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