Dativa is now Deductive

Dativa is now Deductive

Michael Collette, Thu 20 August 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, August 20, 2020 -- Dativa, a market-leading data science firm specializing in Advanced TV services, announced today that it is changing its name to Deductive. The rebranding is effective immediately and supports a shift from its origins as a generalist professional services company, to a new and exciting focus on a growing range of media data services.

Deductive’s media data services include attribution, media measurement, data cleaning, data matching and data enrichment. The company will continue to provide media professional services such as building audience indexing tools and combining data sets to current and prospective clients as it increases investment in its new data services.

"Granular data is transforming the TV business and this has been accelerated by COVID-19," said Michael Collette, CEO of Deductive. “We see ongoing demand to help companies figure out how to put data to work. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that we’ve identified a growing need for services based on data. Our new name more accurately reflects the new blend of our customized service capabilities and productized data-driven services that we bring to the TV measurement industry.”

Even as more people are watching TV and streaming video while at home during the pandemic, the Standard Media Index has reported a 19 percent drop in national TV ads during the second quarter1. Advertisers require stronger performance and metrics on their ad spend today, especially in a down market, and Deductive’s latest capabilities in advanced TV measurement are providing a path forward.

In June, Deductive rolled out its new Nationally Representative Panel for Inscape TV data. The new media data service, which is updated weekly, designates TVs to be used for measurement purposes and provides Inscape data licensees with a weighting system to address skews in the raw data. This helps people using Inscape data to produce more accurate measurement of ad and content viewership.


About Deductive

Deductive is a data science company based in San Francisco and London. We like sushi, sauternes, summer and chanterelles.

We are obsessed by game theory, gigabytes, GPUs, GDPR, and grid computing. Let us be the Holmes to your Watson.

To learn more about how we think and what we think about, check out Coffee with Tom and Michael, a casual and fun video series in which our founders discuss deepish topics in media measurement and data.




Source: (1) Variety: National TV Advertising Fell 9% in June, Down 19% Since Pandemic

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