Data Engineering

Our team has deep experience in developing and optimizing the critical parts of a media company's data infrastructure, including onboarding, pipelines, warehousing and reporting.

We have multiple development models. We can build one of these elements on a stand-alone basis or develop an end-to-end infrastructure incorporating several of these elements.

Our team members are media specialists. Many of our engineers are Amazon Web Services-certified, and our team is also proficient with SQL on Hive, Presto and Redshift.

Data quality assessment

Poor quality data leads to bad decisions, and costs companies money. Media companies use our data quality tests to identify quality issues and get recommendations on fixing them.

Data pipeline

The data pipeline is the most critical part of a company’s data architecture. Our pipeline process ensures there is consistency in your data, with minimum fuss.

Dataset on-boarding

On-boarding a new dataset brings additional complexity to a data pipeline. We take all data through our standard on-boarding and cleansing process to ensure it flows reliably.

API development

A well-designed, flexible API makes it easy to ship data between parties. Our API development process is simple, consistent and designed with TV data in mind.

Model productization

Taking a data science model from the sandbox to a production environment is fraught with pitfalls. Our processes help you scale your models with ease.

Reporting automation

We will build and automate reports, in the business development tool of your choice, that run quickly and reliably, and get the right data points to the right people in your business.

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Deductive is a global consulting firm providing data consulting and engineering services to companies that want to build and implement strategies to put data to work. We work with primary data generators, businesses harvesting their own internal data, data-centric service providers, data brokers, agencies, media buyers and media sellers.

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