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Data Publishing Services

Deductive builds and manages custom data publishing solutions for data providers. We have built real time data publishing platforms for Fortune 500 companies. Data publishing platform construction typically involves some or all of the following processes:

· Data Ingest from multiple, often heterogeneous sources

· Data Source Service Level Agreement instrumentation and reporting

· Data Cleaning and Normalization

· Data Matching and Enrichment

· Rules-based Data Management for regulatory and contractual compliance

· Data Anonymization for Privacy Compliance

· Data Security

· Data Access Controls, including user, use case and field level controls

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Deductive is a global consulting firm providing data consulting and engineering services to companies that want to build and implement strategies to put data to work. We work with primary data generators, businesses harvesting their own internal data, data-centric service providers, data brokers, agencies, media buyers and media sellers.

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