Deductive Pipeline Python Client

Deductive Pipeline Python Client

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The deductive tools library provides functionality to extend other Python libraries, typically boto3 and pandas, to make it easier to process, cleanse, and load large datasets at scale.

you can install it using pip as follows:

pip install dativatools

This includes the PipelineClient class, provide api key, source s3 location, destination s3 location, rules, and get source file cleaned and posted to destination.

Refer for more details.

  • param api_key - The individual key provided by the pipeline api
  • type api_key - str
  • param source_s3_url - The s3 source where the csv files are present
  • type source_s3_url - str
  • param destination_s3_url - The destination where the files are to be posted after cleansing
  • type destination_s3_url - str
  • param rules - Rules by which to clean the file
  • type rules - list, str specifying location of the rules file
  • param url - The url of the pipeline api, defaults to
  • type url - str
  • param status_url - the url to query for to check status of the api call, defaults to *{0}
  • type status_url - url
  • param source_delimiter - the delimiter of the source file, defaults to ,
  • type source_delimiter - str
  • param destination_delimiter - the delimiter of the destination file, defaults to ,
  • type destination_delimiter - str
  • param source_encoding - the encoding of the source file, defaults to utf-8
  • type source_encoding - str
  • param destination_encoding - the encoding of the destination file, defaults to utf-8
  • type destination_encoding - str
from import PipelineClient

obj = PipelineClient(api_key=api_key,

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