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Latest Advanced Advertising News

Tubi set to allow advertisers to put a cap on ad spot frequency from any source

Tubi, the SF-based ad-supported streaming service acquired by Fox in March, says that it is addressing a recurring complaint from both viewers and marketers by allowing advertisers to avoid double spotting with its new Advanced Frequency Management service. Both viewers and buyers have expressed frustration at the repetition of ads in OTT services, caused by aggregators accessing publishers' inventory supplies.

Disney pitches Hulu to the biggest brands as OTT's most valuable partner

Disney made the claim concerning Hulu, which it gained full control of in 2019, in a presentation to advertisers where it also unveiled new format and measurement tools for advertisers. The iconic company pointed out that OTT has matured into a must-have place for buyers while predicting that streaming TV's impact on advertising will be as significant as the impact search had 20 years ago.

Roku releases new ad tools to help buyers navigate uncertainty due to covid-19

Roku, the CA-based digital media player manufacturer, has created its Agile Investment Plan tools to help advertisers and marketers, given the problems many businesses face in the wake of the pandemic. One of the aims is to help marketing teams with buying ads nationally while these tools also enhance purchasing safeguards, allow buyers to place ads solely on the top 1% of Roku's channelsm and avoid ad collisions from the same buyer.

Linear TV can use original content to reach a different audience from OTT

According to Disney, original content has a significant role to play in linear TV, which can complement the sports, news, and live events which have been its strength as it faces competition from OTT. Disney, which acquired content and legacy content-rich 21st Century Fox last year, said that original content drives both linear TV and OTT consumption.

DTC brands adopting television to advertise during covid-19 are demanding digital quality measurement

The best-performing DTC companies, who have traditionally tended to use digital to advertise their brands, are now doing so on TV as well, and are looking for the same kind of targeting and measurement results they are used to while advertising on digital platforms. The high cost of TV advertising amplifies their need for high-quality ROI metrics. OTT is in a better position to give these metrics than linear TV is. Traffic that a website receives through search is likely the best indicator of the success of a particular video ad.

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